Care can mean many things - looking out for others, considering the wellbeing of other people, observing what’s happening around you and caring about maintaining the best safety practices.

We all need to foster a genuine enthusiasm towards creating a healthy, safe and pleasant working environment.

Above all else - we all need to believe that the goals set out in WSHS are possible, in order to achieve a positive health and safety culture


Commitment to our Work Safe, Home Safe values is essential if we are to maintain our health and safety culture.

Our WSHS values need to be embedded in everything we do and supported by everyone in the business if they are to remain the bedrock of Cammell Laird.

This way we will maintain a safe workplace and environment every day of the year.

The commitment of everyone working within Cammell Laird to the WSHS values is critical to its success, looking out for each other getting involved and thinking safety in everything that we do allows us to Work Safe and Go Home Safe every day.


Good communication is critical to the success of a business.

Good communication is not just about passing on information. It’s a two way process which should involve speaking up if you see something unsafe, completing immediate corrective actions (ICA), being proactive and asking questions and listening to the information provided.

At Cammell Laird we insist on an open and honest culture with strong communication at all levels. This level of communication will help nurture well motivated employees who respect and consider each other.

If you have any concerns then make sure you report them or speak to someone as soon as possible, the timely reporting of safety concerns can prevent someone being injured.


Complying with all of our safe systems of work and our Work Safe, Home Safe values sets the foundations for Cammell Laird to develop a strong safety culture.

This requires each and every one of us to adopt a professional and positive attitude and to follow the safety rules and procedures we have put in place, at all times.

By complying with our core values, we will be able to work safe and go home safe.

If your not sure of anything then ask your supervisor, line manager or the SHE team. It’s important everyone understands what compliance means, it helps us understand any workplace hazards/risks.

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